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(Matt. 15: 19), it is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked (Jer. 17: 9), and its
imaginations are only evil continually (Gen. 6: 5).
Do not hurry to present the plan of salvation. Let the Scripture witness of the utter
failure and sinfulness of man be really seen. A passage to memorize might be Psalm 14:
Gen. 3: should be carefully read, and such incidents as Saul's disobedience (I Sam. 15:)
read and explained. Also, by way of illustration of the universality of sin, notice that
even Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Hezekiah, Isaiah, Job, Peter, Paul, all have
recorded against them sins of one sort or another. These will provide concrete examples
of that which might otherwise be difficult doctrine.
Some may feel that such a subject is hardly suitable for "little ones". We have found
that children understand and follow the teaching of Scripture on these subjects far more
readily than many may believe, and we earnestly ask all who have the responsibility of
teaching children to try by careful questioning and instruction to lay a good foundation
for the days to come.
#4. What is Sin?
pp. 140, 141
We have learned that God is the great Creator, that man is His creature, that man has
fallen. We have therefore brought our little charges face to face with the dreadful fact of
What is Sin?.--Turn to I John 5: 17, "All unrighteousness is SIN". Help the little
mind to understand the word "unrighteousness". By illustrating by several words like
un-known, un-clean, un-tidy, the little one will supply the meaning "not". Righteousness
can be simplified by emphasizing the first syllable "right". We have now a scriptural
definition in language that is within the child's grasp. "Everything that is NOT RIGHT is
When addressing the adult believer in Ephesians, the apostle beseeches, but when
enjoining obedience upon the child, he does not say, "because of the grace of God", but
simply, "because it is right". Even in this epistle of grace the law is quoted when the
child is instructed,  even though it be  "the first commandment with promise"
(Eph. 6: 1, 2).
Turn again to I John 3: 4, "SIN is the transgression of the law". By wisely applied
quotations where the words "transgression" and "law" occur, their meanings will be
elicited. Never tell the child the meaning of a word where you can lead it to discover it
for itself. Your child should realize from its earliest days that God's Word was written in
another tongue. If this is the case you will be able to tell it that the word that God