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Lessons for Little Ones.
The Creation of Man.
pp. 45, 46
Our first set of lessons were concerning God as the Creator, and creation itself was
reviewed so that by seeing His works we may learn "what may be known of God"
(Rom. 1: 19, 20).
The child should now be taught its place and relation both regarding the creation and
the Creator, and so we take the subject of man.
First.--Read Genesis 1: 24-31.--On the sixth day were made (1) animals, (2) man.
Man is linked with the lower animals, yet the pause, the consultation, and the making of
man in the image of God set him apart from all creation as one having special dealings
with God.
Question the child, point by point, to discern the differences in these two great
sections of the sixth day:--
"Let the earth bring forth" animals.
"Let us make man" man.
The image and likeness (see 9: 6; I Cor. 11: 7; James 3: 9).
Title of Christ (Col. 1: 15; II Cor. 4: 4; Heb. 1: 3).
Parallel in the new creation (Eph. 4: 24;  Col. 3: 10), the new man; note the
renewal is in knowledge. Do not limit the image to the physical. The dominion given is
a part of it, so also the mind which differs from all else in creation. Compare 1: 27 with
5: 1, 2; this proves that the creation of Gen. 1: is the same as that of 2: 7-25.
Secondly.--Read Gen. 2: 7.--Man formed of the dust, the soil.
The word "man" here is adam=the ground. He became a living soul by breathing into
his nostrils. Note the use of the word translated soul "creature" (Gen. 1: 21, 24; 2: 19;
9: 10, 12).  "Remember" (Eccles. 12: 1). The sin of idolatry and its senselessness
(Rom. 1: 25).
Learn Psalm 8:
Read to the child such passages as Isa. 40:; Psa. 90: Do not hurry with these lessons;
be careful of details. See that false notions are not strengthened or implanted. Search the
Scriptures, and compare passage with passage. Your child will value the Bible just so
much as it sees that you do. Teach as much as possible by questioning.