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blessing with the nations of the earth, these seventy nations we believe will be found to
encompass them all.
#22. Babel (Gen. 10: 8-12, 11: 1-9).
pp. 101 - 108
In the midst of the list of names given in Gen. 10: we are arrested by one or two
digressions. One son of Cush became so great that his name and prowess became a
proverb, "Wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord". The
other digressions in this chapter are the references to the Canaanites (18, 19); the
statement that Shem was the father of all the children of Eber (21); the division of the
earth in the days of Peleg (25); and the dwelling of the sons of Joktan (29, 30). We
propose to consider the place that Nimrod occupies in the outworking of the purpose of
The name Nimrod is from the Hebrew marad, to rebel. The Merodach of the Bible
(Jer. 50: 2) is the name Nimrod.  The Accadian Merodach was called Amaruduk or
Amarudu, and became in Assyrion-Babylonian, Marduk. The suffix uk is dropped in the
Hebrew, and the prefix ni, assimilating the name "to a certain extent to the initial forms
of the Hebrew verbs", was added giving us the Hebrew name Ni-marad or Nimrod. We
would not say that all error is counterfeit truth, simply because our limited knowledge
would not justify the assertion, but we do say that much error, much vital error, is
counterfeit truth, this is seen in the lies of Satan spoken in Eden and incarnate in Nimrod.
Merodach (i.e. Nimrod deified) is creator and saviour in the whole unholy parody. He
it is who undertakes to do battle with Tiamat, and to him it was spoken, "Fear not, and
make merry, for thou shalt bruise the head of Tiamat". Here is one of the primal
declarations concerning the Seed diverted from its true object. Merodach, as a result of
his decision to become the avenger and the redeemer, is exalted above all gods. "Among
the high gods thou art highest; thy command is the command of Anu, O Merodach, our
avenger, we give thee sovereignty over the entire universe. Thy weapon will ever be
irresistible". "May Merodach, the mighty overseer of the heavenly spirits, exalt thy
What is true concerning the usurpation of the glory and offices of Christ in this satanic
scheme, is true also of all that is associated with His gospel. A complete religion dealing
with life, death, and judgment, salvation by works, penances and rites, a Christless creed,
and the very mystery of iniquity. With Nimrod, Babylon and all that Babylon stands for
are associated together. "Babylon is taken: Bel is confounded: Merodach is broken in
pieces" (Jer. 50: 2).
Nimrod, the rebel, is the first one that Scripture records as founding a kingdom. "The
beginning of his kingdom was Babel". Up to this time an earthly king was unknown;