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Lesson for Little Ones.
#1. An attempt to meet a growing need.
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The days in which we live are dark. Scripture leads us to see that so far as spiritual
things are concerned the darkness will deepen. The leaven is working its way with
deadly effect, and soon the meetings and meeting-places where once we may have
gathered around the Word may be closed to us. The Scriptures which lead us out will at
that time lead us unto Him whose place is always "without the camp". In our isolation
we shall glory in the Lord Himself, knowing that HE is our meeting-place with the
Father, and that fellowship with HIM must ever be the very soul and centre of all
meetings. We have His Word, and as He grants us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in
the knowledge of Him, our needs in these things will still be met, though alone and at
times opposed.
To not a few, however, comes a distressing though: "What of our children?" If the
Sunday school no longer teaches truth, and if the Sunday school be a nursery for a yet
more unscriptural church, we cannot allow our children to grow amid such teaching and
surroundings. Many a dear child of God prays for his children that they may not only be
saved, but that they may love and believe the truth, yet feels quite incapable of teaching
them properly.
The Berean Expositor is too limited in size, and has too definite a ministry to attempt
to take the parents' place, but from the letters of our readers we know that the smallest
help would be greatly appreciated. We have thought it well, therefore, to make public
that which at first was intended solely as a guide in the home training of the writer's own
little one. The notes will not be developed into lessons, but left as they were drafted, and
therefore the parents will have to exercise prayerful thought in the unfolding of the Word
to their children. Some will have to go very slowly, some will find that the suggestions
are not full enough, but we trust that the initial problem (which though in the first place is
a spiritual one, is also psychological and a question of methods in teaching), will be at
least partly solved, and that these notes may prove to many a parent a word in season, and
that many a child may be made wise unto salvation through faith that is in Christ Jesus.
In our attempt to teach the truth to our little ones, due regard must be paid to the
limitations of their knowledge, and care must be exercised to see that false notions are not
allowed to remain. Everything must be brought to the touchstone of the Word. We may
open our bibles and take as our first lesson the truth that the Scriptures are the Word of
God. But Who, or what is God to your child? The little one has, we trust, a knowledge
that that unseen One to Whom you pray, to Whom you give thanks, is God, but its ideas
are very vague, and it needs careful and sympathetic handling, lest it be given faulty