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salvation. To them that look for Him, He shall appear the second time unto salvation
"apart from sin". This salvation is for "them that look for Him". They are already
"saved" so far as sin is concerned. The "so great salvation" involves more than that.
Salvation is not only a past fact but a future hope. "Of which salvation the prophets have
inquired. . . . the sufferings FOR CHRIST and the glories that should follow (see
I Pet. 1: 11, R.V.).
(2). Apostate Israel as the Scarlet Woman. In our limited space we do not want to
spoil the teaching of so important a subject, so we ask you to be content with a few
Two women are contrasted in the Revelation. One a Bride, the other a Harlot. The
figure of an unfaithful wife is constantly used in the O.T. to describe Israel in apostacy.
Two cities are contrasted. Jerusalem and Babylon.  Zech. 5: speaks of a vision
wherein wickedness, in the form of a woman, is seen being taken "to build it an house in
the land of Shinar".
We believe that one of the results of the taking of Jerusalem from the Turk, will be a
great return of the Jews to Palestine. Being still unregenerate, many will be attracted by
the revived Babylon, and this city will pass largely into the hands of the great Jewish
financiers. They will bear rule over the earth. With these apostates the Man of Sin will
make his covenant. The intolerable burden of debt will eventually cause the beast which
supports the woman finally to turn and rend her. The name of her forehead, "Babylon the
Great", means something more than the words at first sight teach. There is a "mystery"
here, and we believe apostate Israel supplies the solution.