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In the midst of the trials and temptations by which the church will be surrounded in
the day of the Lord, the faithful are warned and encouraged by having their remembrance
of the Lord's dealings with their fathers brought vividly before them, and of the
prophecies that point on to the "rest that remaineth" for those who "endure to the end."
In conclusion, may we point out that the overcomer is the one to whom the final words
are addressed, whatever state the church may be in as a whole, whether commended or
spoken of as being dead, whether faithful or being merely luke-warm. To the individual
among them the Lord addresses words of encouragement and cheer.  The varying
experiences of these overcomers are traced through the remaining chapters of the
Revelation; they continually appear either as a persecuted and suffering people, or as
raised and crowned and victorious.
While we do not believe that the seven churches of the Revelation as a whole speaks
of the church of the mystery, they speak to it. There are lessons of parallel failings, and
parallel triumphs, which it is wise for us all to receive with meekness.
"The Throne set in heaven" (Chapter 4:).
pp. 161-164
In turning to the teaching of the fourth chapter, we commence the study of the great
seven-fold centre of the book. On page 46, Volume 4: & 5:, will be found the
structure of the Revelation as a whole, and the central member, occupying
chapters 4: to 20: is made up of a series of seven pairs of visions, the first in each pair
being something seen or heard "in heaven," the second being the result or effect "on
The opening heavenly vision occupies chapters 4: and 5: The main features are
connected with the throne, the book, the Lamb, and the living ones.
The structure is simple and emphasized the two-fold theme of the section, together
with the contrast intended to be observed between the elders and the living ones, and the
The first vision in heaven (Chapters 4: and 5:).
A |
4: 1-8-. The throne. Elders and living ones.
| -8-11. The saying of the living ones and elders.--Creation.
A |
5: 1-7. The throne, book, Lion, Lamb.
| 8-14. The song of the living ones and elders.
The saying of angels.--Redemption.
From chapter 1: 10 to the end of chapter 3: The apostle had been "in the spirit." As
the second verse of chapter 4: tells us that he was again "in spirit," we have a sufficient