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Ephesians 4: tells us of an order of Apostles which was instituted not before the Lord
ascended, but "when He ascended up on high and gave gifts unto men. . . and He gave
some Apostles". As far back as Matt. 10: we have the names of the twelve Apostles
given to us.
The tradition that Paul was the twelfth Apostle is the cause of the attempt to explain
this passage as another "Apostolic Mistake", whereas the fact is the mistake of mixing up
Church and Kingdom is the cause of this well meaning higher criticism.
The ordinary reading of the words of Acts 1: 25 is that Judas fell from his apostleship
"that he might go to his own place". The verse has been included in the number that
provide a solemn warning concerning judgment to come. It is possible that another
meaning attaches to the words altogether. The assembly prayed to the Lord to select one
(to take the place of Judas, from which he fell), that he (that is, the selected on, Matthias)
might go to his own place (that is, among the twelve Apostles), and they gave the lot, and
the lot fell upon Matthias; and he was numbered with the eleven. This we believe to be
the true interpretation of the passage, and believing this we see divine warrant for the
inclusion of Matthias as the appointed by the Lord.
Immediately following this appointment comes the record of the day of Pentecost, a
clear attestation that all was ready. Peter stands up "with the eleven" (2: 14). In
chapter 3: Peter could urge repentance in view of the coming o the Lord and the
restitution of all things, which would necessitate the setting up of the twelve thrones for
the twelve apostles, and Paul was not converted until two years after. So far we find
perfect accord in all parts of Scripture, and more and more do we feel that the "mistakes"
are those of the would be correctors and adjusters of Scripture.