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The Faithful and the Evil Servant (Matt. 24: 45-51).
pp. 150 - 155
The structure on page 43 of Volume IV & V shows that the faithful and the evil
servants of Matt. 24: 45-51 are balanced by the faithful and the unprofitable servants
of Matt. 25: 14-30. What we shall learn therefore in considering the closing verses of
Matt. 24: will be of service when we examine the parallel parable in chapter 25:
We would call attention at the outset to the fact that in these parables salvation is not
the theme. There is always a tendency to generalize where God has particularized. We
see this with such subjects as the old idea of a general resurrection and a general
judgment. We know there are many resurrections and several judgments in the future.
The generalizing of all the promises as though the "Church" had a monopoly, and the
generalizing of the varied sections of the purpose of the ages will likewise occur to us.
We have not so clearly seen as yet, however, sufficient discrimination attempted by the
majority in connection with the difference that Scripture makes regarding salvation and
service. This is particularly noticeable in the way that the Epistle to the Hebrews is
treated. Its exhortations to continue steadfast to the end, and to endure; its invitation to
come to the throne of grace to find help in time of need; its examples of faith, none of
these has reference to the sinner needing salvation, but the saint needing perfecting.
However, we cannot go into Hebrews here, but we have said so much because service, its
reward or its penalty, and not salvation, is the theme of these parables.
The figures introduced are "a faithful and a wise servant," and an "evil servant," but
servants both. We cannot agree with the idea that the evil servant was one only in
imagination and was not a servant at all. The structure of the parable is as follows:--
Matt. 24: 45-51.
A | 45-. The faithful and wise servant.
B | -45-47. His deeds and reward.  a | Made ruler over house.
b | Give meat.
c | Blessed, when lord cometh.
b | Found so doing.
a | Made ruler over all goods.
A | 48-. The evil servant.
B | -48-51. His deeds and penalty.  d | Says, lord delays coming.
e | Smites fellow servants.
f | Eats with drunken.
d | Lord comes unexpectedly.
e | Cut off.
f | Portion with hypocrites