The Berean Expositor
Volume 6 - Page 48 of 151
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The Bible is written as a revelation of God to MAN, and many things outside his
sphere, though subjects of his enquiry and curiosity, do not come within the scope of
When man, looking out into this wider sphere and thinking of the destiny of angels
and principalities, or of the possibilities that lie beyond the ages to come, when man asks
as Peter did, "What shall this man do?", he too is reminded of the need to keep to the
things revealed concerning himself and to find his employment and delight not in adding
to the unrevealed things of God, but in seeking a full and clear understanding of what is
The present creation, the sphere of man's sin and redemption, is the first great stone in
the foundation of the purpose of the ages as pertains to man. This, therefore, will occupy
our attention in the next article of this series.