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The Abrogation of the Sin-offering.
Heb. 9: 26.
God's answer to the oft asked question concerning offerings.
pp. 61 - 63
The first and most important means of obtaining the meaning of any particular word
used in the Scriptures is not its etymology, but the context. The second is the usage of
the word in the other places. These being ascertained, further light may be found by
examining the word itself. To reverse this order is usually fatal to true interpretation.
Suppose I want to study "law," before I enter into details I must be sure that I am clear as
to the wider aspect of my study. Do I mean "law" as used in natural philosophy, or do I
mean "law" as used in the administration of justice? Do I mean English law, or the law
of some Foreign Country? I must always settle the wide division of my subject first
before I commence details, or as it is put, genus must come before species, telescope
before microscope. The accuracy of this rule is particularly manifested in the renderings
of the verse before us. The word in the verse to which we draw attention is athetesis,
translated "to put away." Before we consider the word itself, let us take note of the
Chapter 7: commences an explanation concerning the superiority of the Melchisedec
priesthood which continues through to chapter 10: 18.  Chapter 7: 1-10 shows that
Melchisedec was superior to Abraham and Levi; 7: 11-10: 18 develops this by showing
the superiority of the Melchisedec priesthood and offering of Christ to the priesthood and
offerings of Aaron and the Levites.
The key word of this section is the word "perfection." This word indeed in various
forms constitutes the main theme of the whole book and the abrogation of all priesthood
and sacrifices is a part of the argument. To show how it punctuates the chapters before
us, we draw attention to the design that governs its use, which will not only be of service
now, but may be of use in studying other verses within this section.
Hebrews 7: 11 - 10: 18.
A |
7: 11. No perfection under Levitical priesthood.
| 7: 12-18. But in the priesthood of endless life.
A |
7: 19. No perfection under the law.
| 7: 20 - 9: 8. But in the oath that perfects the Son.
A |
9: 9. No perfection to conscience in typical service.
| 9: 10-28. But in the true tabernacle.
A |
10: 1. No perfection to conscience in typical sacrifices.
| 10: 2-18. But in the one offering that perfects the sanctified.