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We would indicate here another cause for thanksgiving. About a year ago we had
a visit from a fellow believer from Amsterdam, and we have now received a copy of a
booklet entitled "Het Voornemen there Eeuwen en de Gemeente there Verborgenheid" by
"Aristarkos." To be obtained from S. Van Mierlo, Stefaniestraat, 55, Anterwerpen, Fr. 2.
80.  The title being interpreted is:-- "The Purpose of the Ages and the Dispensation of
the Mystery." In the foreword of the book there is a paragraph which reads:--
"The English Bible Students have `The Berean Expositor.' If there is a
sufficiently great number of Dutch-reading people who are interested in it, we
may investigate the possibility of publishing a small monthly magazine, which
keeps in mind the right division of the Word of truth, and consequently also
the special position of the Church of the Mystery. . . . The possibility of
publishing some of the writings of Mr. 100: H. Welch in Dutch will also be
The written ministry has, and we trust will have in an increasing degree, a wider
sphere than hitherto.
As far as possible, friends are asked to arrange for meetings in 1928, early, so that
the months August to November may be kept free for a return visit to Canada, should the
Lord will.
We trust that both the written and spoken ministry will be abundantly blessed this
coming year.
"Ye also helping together by prayer."
Cahrles H. Welch,
Hutton, Essex.
November, 1927.
"For He must reign till He hath put all enemies under His feet"
(I Cor. 15: 24-28).
pp. 94 - 95
It is evident to all readers that the reign of Christ here referred to is to continue until
every enemy is subdued or destroyed, and by the further teaching of the passage, that
when those enemies are subdued or destroyed, the object and purpose of the reign will be
achieved, and then that Kingdom will not come to an end, but be handed back to the
Father as needing no longer a Mediator--when God will be all in all.
A most important passage for our consideration is that which says, "the last enemy
that shall be destroyed is death."