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lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David" prevailing to open the seven sealed book.
In 22: 16 He is once again presented as the "Root and the Offspring of David." The
kings of the earth over whom the Lord is Prince figure repeatedly in prophecy
(cf. Psa. 2: 2; 102: 15; 138: 4; 148: 11; Rev. 6: 15; 17: 2, 18; 18: 3, 9; 19: 19;
21: 24).
From these passages it will be seen that some of the kings of the earth are among the
enemies of the Lord, while others rejoice with His people in His glory. In Rev. 1: 5 the
Lord is spoken of as Prince of the kings of the earth. In 19: 16 He is seen as King of
kings. Isaiah speaks of Him as the "Prince of peace." Daniel calls Him the "Prince of
princes." In the Acts He is spoken of as the "Prince of life," and as a "Prince and a
Saviour," which is in strong contrast to the "prince of this world." One of the reasons
why this title comes in Rev. 1: will be found in Hos. 3: 4, "The children of Israel shall
abide many days without a king and without a prince." The days of their long rejection
draw to a close, and the title given to the Lord indicates that the nation of Israel is again
to come into relationship with God. The word prince (archõn) is linked with the title,
"The beginning" (archee, Col. 1: 18), and indicates that the Person thus titled is First,
pre-eminent. The word is also translated Ruler. How grateful we should be to know that
the kings of the earth are to have a Ruler. How the whole world is crying out for one. So
great will be the felt need of a Ruler that the kings of the earth will hail the advent of the
Anti-Christ with approbation. Dark apostasy lies between our day and the righteous reign
of the Prince of peace, but we rejoice in the testimony of the Revelation that a day is
coming when He shall take unto Him His great power and reign. The Lord be praised for
the promise of the Day Star. May we, too, be found "looking for a Saviour."