The Berean Expositor
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"Seeing then that we have such a hope,
we use great plainness of speech" (II Cor. 3: 12).
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In Volume 1:, page 65, we gave the "Platform and Programme" of The Berean
Expositor. We would repeat a portion here:--
"We desire, as grace is given, to `search the Scriptures' daily, and to publish the
results regardless of the approval, or the disapproval, of any.  Let it be at once
understood, the Bible is infallible, but the searcher is not. There will doubtless be much
of human error, but we write as a Berean expositor, for Berean readers, trusting that they
will test every statement by the Word of truth."
"We do not intend to apologise for the Bible, nor for any teaching which may from
time to time be brought to light. While few would seek to avoid any appearance of
callousness, and would endeavour not to wound the feelings of our brethren, yet we
intend, the Lord being our helper, to turn back for nothing. We desire the same spirit (in
the least some measure) that underlies the words of Paul, `None of these things move
Once again we have to thank the many friends who have written to us. We are
becoming somewhat used to the expressions "an infallible Pope" and "too dogmatic."
However, as one writer stated he felt better after having relieved his mind, we shall make
no objection here.
If God has spoken (and we know what He has said), traditions twice nineteen
centuries old should not close our mouths, or prevent the glorious dogmatism of "Thus
saith the Lord."
Let us follow the truth, and the truth shall make us free.