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Berean Expositor Volume 1
Bible Numerics.
An aid to interpretation.
pp. 88-91
"Re-numerics.--I think a few thoughts would be invaluable. We stand
open mouthed, as it were, at the data, but want a little guidance as to how
to apply the truth revealed to us."
Such was the reply of a beloved colleague to an enquiry as to whether a few words
regarding the application of "Numerics" to "Interpretation" would be of use in
The Berean Expositor. Many of our readers will be acquainted with the wonderful
findings of Mr. Ivan Panin, who has been used of God to show, beyond the faintest
possibility of doubt, that the choice of words, grammatical forms, use of vowels,
consonants, syllables, and letters in the Originals of the Holy Scriptures are all governed
by a most elaborate scheme of numerics. For example, the first eleven verses of Matt.1
have been explored with overwhelming results. We remind our readers of a few only:--
This passage has a vocabulary of 49 words (7*7).
28 of these begin with a vowel (7*4), and
21 begin with a consonant (7*3).
7 end with a vowel (7), and
42 end with a consonant (7*6).
These 49 (7*7) words have 266 letters (7*38).
Of these letters 140 are vowels (7*20), and
126 are consonants (7*18).
NOTE: * = multiply.
We cannot spare space to go further. We have mentioned eight features of sevens;
many of more involved character have been tabulated.What are we to learn from this
numerical feature? "The words of the Lord (not merely the Word, but the very words)
are pure words, as silver tried in a furnace (words of earth, yet) purified SEVEN times"
(Psa. 12: 6). In other terms, the Scriptures bear God's hall mark, perfection is stamped
upon every syllable, nay, every letter.Thus the knowledge of Bible numerics shows us
that the belief in the full, verbal inspiration of Scripture is the only consistent attitude of
faith possible. No lower or modified inspiration can be entertained.
Let us now turn our attention for a moment to consider how the numerics of a passage
throw  light  upon  its meaning.  In the term Numerics we include (a) Gematria, (b)
Number of occurrences of words or things, and (c) Number of words used for the same
idea. Gematria is the ancient name for the numerical value of the letters of the Hebrew
and Greek alphabet. Figures were unknown. A stood for 1, B for 2, and G for 3, and so
on. Hence the Gematria of the word "bag" would be 6 (2+1+3). Now we find that the