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Berean Expositor Volume 1
The Immortality of the Soul and
The doctrine of demons.
pp. 64-66
The first lie that the Bible records is found in the words of the devil in Gen. 3: 4, "Ye
shall not surely die," and this initial conceit, held up before the eyes of our first parents,
permeates Philosophy, Paganism, Theosophy, Spiritism, Protestantism and Popery. We
do not wish it to be understood that Gen. iii.4 really teaches anything specifically
touching upon the question of the immortality of the soul; there it was a blasphemous
contradiction of the words of God as uttered in Gen. 2: 17, but so completely did its bait
beguile, that the father of lies has ever since sought to confuse the tremendous issues of
life and death, which the Bible brings forward on every page, by a conflicting jargon of
Theology among believers, and a fruitful seed of error among the unsaved. We ask our
readers, as Berean believers, to carefully consider the following extracts from spiritistic
seances and mediums quoted from the writings of Mr. Miles Grant (The Bible Echo):--
"If a man would become satisfied of modern Spiritism, he must first be satisfied that
he is an immortal being."
"The visitations and manifestations of the spirit world are to convince you of the
immortality of the soul."
"The first, the greatest, and the grandest truth coming through modern Spiritism is the
immortality of the soul."
Here it will be seen that Orthodoxy has nothing to say against these doctrines of
demons, but rather, in Pulpit, Press, and Song, this great lie is echoed and enforced,
colouring as it does the whole evangel. We gave in our next quotation a Resolution
passed at an important Spiritistic Convention, which shows how important a place this
doctrine holds in their Creed:--
"RESOLVED--That Spiritism, according to the modern acceptation of the term,
embraces all those who believe in the immortality of the soul. . . . Beyond this common
faith, there is no doctrine or creed necessarily incident to modern Spiritism."
It must come as a great shock to many godly Christians, who constantly pray for the
"never dying souls" of men, to find themselves sharing a "common faith" with the enemy
of truth! Yet so it is. A spirit says of this doctrine, "When once that is established, this
one simple germ knowledge will work out all the rest. The first lie of Satan was, "Ye
shall not surely die." This was the "simple germ." It will culminate in the fruition of the
second lie, "Ye shall be as God," for Spiritism and its doctrines are the precursors and
forerunners of antichrist. Another spirit says:--
"The first great object is to convince sceptics of the immortality of the soul, disrobe
death of its terrors, give to men a rational religion, and unite all men in one grand sublime
faith, in which angels or spirits of the dead hold intercourse with living men, thus raising
the condition of the material world up to that of, and in harmony with, the spiritual. The