zik'-ri (zikhri, meaning uncertain):

(1) Levites:

(a) grandson of Kohath (Ex 6:21, where some the King James Version editions read wrongly, "Zithri");

(b) an Asaphite (1Ch 9:15), called "Zabdi" in Ne 11:17, where the Septuagint's Codex Alexandrinus has Zechri = Zichri, but the Septuagint's Codex Vaticanus other names; see ZABDI, (4);

(c) a descendant of Eliezer (1Ch 26:25).

(2) Benjamites:

(a) 1Ch 8:19;

(b) 1Ch 8:23;

(c) 1Ch 8:27;

(d) Ne 11:9.

(3) Father of Eliezer, who was one of David's tribal princes (1Ch 27:16).

(4) Father of Amasiah, "who willingly offered himself unto Yahweh" (2Ch 17:16).

(5) Father of Elishaphat, a captain in Jehoiada's time (2Ch 23:1).

(6) "A mighty man of Ephraim," who when fighting under Pekah slew the son of Ahaz, the king of Judah (2Ch 28:7).

(7) A priest in the days of Joiakim (Ne 12:17); the section, Ne 12:14-21, is omitted by the Septuagint's Codex Vaticanus with the exception of "of Maluchi" (12:14); Lucian has Zacharias.

David Francis Roberts

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