thresh'-ing (dush; aloao): Dush means literally, "to trample out." In Jer 51:33, darakh, is used of threshing. Fitches and cummin were beaten off with a rod. The distinction between beating and threshing is made in Isa 28:27. Gideon, in order to avoid being seen by the Midianites, beat out his wheat in a wine press instead of threshing it on the threshing-floor (Jud 6:11). For a general description of the threshing operations see AGRICULTURE.

Figurative: "Thou shalt thresh the mountains," i.e. thou wilt overcome great difficulties (Isa 41:15). Babylon's destruction was foretold poetically in the language of the threshing-floor (Isa 21:10; Jer 51:33; Da 2:35); Zion's foes would be gathered as sheaves on the threshing-floor (Mic 4:12,13; compare 2Ki 13:7; Am 1:3; Hab 3:12); threshing unto the vintage, i.e. throughout the summer, indicated an extra abundant yield (Le 26:5).

James A. Patch

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