ter'-i-b'l, ter'-er (yare', "to be feared," "reverenced," arits, "powerful," "tyrannical," 'ayom, "aweinspiring," chittith "terror," ballahah, "a worn-out or wasted thing," 'emah, "fright"; phoberos, "dreadful," phobos, "fear"): The above terms, and many others which employed, denote whatever, by horrible aspect, or by greatness, power, or cruelty, affrights men (De 1:19; 26:8; Da 2:31). God is terrible by reason of His awful greatness, His infinite power, His inscrutable dealings, His perfect holiness, His covenant faithfulness, His strict justice and fearful judgments (Ex 34:10; De 7:21; Ne 9:32; Job 6:4; 37:22; Ps 65:5; 88:15 f; Joe 2:11; Ze 2:11; Heb 12:21). The term is also applied to the enemies of God and of His people (Isa 13:11; 25:3 ff; 49:25; Da 7:7; 1Pe 3:14). "The terror (the Revised Version (British and American) "fear") of the Lord" (2Co 5:11) denotes the reverence or fear inspired by the thought that Christ is judge (2Co 5:10).

M. O. Evans

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