mat'-er: This word being a very general term may express various ideas. the Revised Version (British and American) therefore frequently changes the reading of the King James Version in order to state more definitely the meaning of the context (compare Ex 24:14; 1Sa 16:18; 1Ki 8:59; 2Sa 11:19; Es 3:4; Ps 35:20; 64:5; Pr 16:20; 18:13). dabhar, and the Greek logos, both meaning "word," are very frequently translated by "matter." hule, "wood," is rendered "matter" in Jas 3:5 the King James Version (the Revised Version (British and American) "how much wood is kindled"; compare Sirach 28:10). Job 32:18 translates literally, "words"; also Da 4:17, "sentence." diaphero, "to carry in different places," "to differ," is rendered "to make matter" (Ga 2:6). The meaning is "it makes a difference," "it matters," "it is of importance."

A. L. Breslich

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