mar'-vel, mar'-vel-us (tamah, pala'; thaumazo, thaumastos): "To marvel" is the translation of tamah, "to wonder" (Ge 43:33; Ps 48:5, the Revised Version (British and American) "were amazed"; Ec 5:8); of thaumazo, "to admire," "wonder" (Mt 8:10,27; Mr 5:20; Joh 3:7; Ac 2:7; Re 17:7 the King James Version, etc.); "marvel" (substantive) occurs in the plural as translation of pala', "to distinguish," figuratively, "to make wonderful" (Ex 34:10, "I will do marvels, such as have not been wrought" (the Revised Version margin "created")); and of thaumastos (thauma) (2Co 11:14).

"Marvelous" is the translation of pala', "marvelous works" (1Ch 16:12,24; Ps 9:1); "marvelous things" (Job 5:9; 10:16; Ps 31:21; 118:23; Isa 29:14; Da 11:36; Zec 8:6, bis); "marvellously," pala' (Job 37:5; Hab 1:5 twice (tamah), "regard and wonder marvelously," literally, "marvel marvelously"); thaumastos, "admirable," "wonderful," is translated "marvelous" (Mt 21:42; 1Pe 2:9; Re 15:1,3, etc.).

In Apocrypha we have "marvel" (Ecclesiasticus 11:13; 47:17; 2 Macc 1:22; 7:12); "marvelleth" (Ecclesiasticus 40:7; 43:18); "marvellous" (The Wisdom of Solomon 10:17; 19:8, etc., mostly thaumazo and compounds).

The Revised Version (British and American) has "wonder" for "marvel" (Re 17:7)' "the marvel" for a "marvellous thing" (Joh 9:30); "marvelled" for "wondered" (Lu 8:25; 11:14); "marvelled at" for "admired" (2Th 1:10); "marveling" for "wondered" (Lu 9:43); "marvellous" for "wondrous" (1Ch 16:9; Ps 105:2); "marvellous things" for "and wonders" (Job 9:10); "wonderful" for "marvellous" (Ps 139:14); for "marvelled" (Mt 9:8), "were afraid," and (Mr 12:17) "marvelled greatly" (different texts).

W. L. Walker

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