ma'-hath (machath, "snatching"; Meth):

(1) One of the Kohathites having charge of the "service of song" in David's time, son of Amasai (1Ch 6:35). Possibly the same as Ahimoth (1Ch 6:25). He seems also to be the same as the person named in 2Ch 29:12 during Hezekiah's time, though it is probable there is some confusion in the narrative. He is there represented as taking part in the new covenant of Hezekiah and the cleansing of the Lord's house.

(2) One of the overseers of the temple under Conaniah and Shimei (2Ch 31:13); three passages of Scripture give the name, but it is difficult to individuate these because the genealogy identifies the two first named (1Ch 6:35; 2Ch 29:12), while the chronology seems to divide them--one in David's day, the other in Hezekiah's. It is not, however, impossible to identify the man of 2Ch 29:12 with him of 2Ch 31:13. Possibly the genealogy has been mistakenly repeated in 2Ch 29:12.

Henry Wallace

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