(a) yehoshua`,

(b) yehoshua`, "Yahweh is deliverance" or "opulence"; compare JESHUA; Iesous:

(1) Joshua the son of Nun; the name has the Hebrew form

(a) above in De 3:21; Jud 2:7; elsewhere the form

(b), except in Ne 8:17, where it is of the form yeshua` (See JESHUA); compare also Nu 13:8,16; De 32:44. See following article.

(2) In 1Sa 6:14,18 (form (b)), the Bethshemite in whose field stood the kine that brought the ark from the Philistines.

(3) In 2Ki 23:8 (form (b)), governor of Jerusalem in the time of Josiah.

(4) The high priest at Jerusalem after the return. See separate article.

S. F. Hunter

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