je-gar-sa-ha-du'-tha (yeghar sahadhutha'; Septuagint Bounos marturei, "(the) mound witnesses"): The name given by the Aramean, Laban, to the "cairn of witness," called by Jacob GALEED (which see) (Ge 31:47). The rest of the second part of this name appears again in Job 16:19, where sahadhi, should be rendered with the Revised Version (British and American), "he that voucheth for me," i.e. "my witness."

je-hal'-e-lel (Revised Version (British and American)), je-ha-le'-le-el (the King James Version) (yehallel'el, "he shall praise God"):

(1) A Judahite (1Ch 4:16).

(2) A Levite, a descendant of Merari (2Ch 29:12).

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