a-ro'-er (`aro'er; Aroer):

(1) A city of the Amorites which stood on the northern edge of the Arnon (De 2:36, etc.). Taken by Israel, it shared the vicissitudes of the country north of the river, and when last named (Jer 48:19) is again in the hands of Moab. It is one of the cities which Mesha claims to have built, i.e. fortified. It was within the territory allotted to Reuben, yet its building (fortification) is attributed to Gad (Nu 32:34). Thus far came the Syrian, Hazael, in his raid upon Israel (2Ki 10:33). The Roman road across the valley lay about an hour to the West of Khirbet `Ara`ir.

(2) A city in Gilead described as "before Rabbah," on the boundary between Gad and the Ammonites (Jos 13:25). No name resembling this has yet been recovered in the district indicated.

(3) A city in the territory of Judah named only in 1Sa 30:28. Probably however in Jos 15:22 we should read `ar`arah instead of `adh`adhah, which may be the same city, and may be identical with `Ar`ara, a site with cisterns and some remains of ancient buildings about 14 miles Southeast of Beersheba.

W. Ewing

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