a-buz': "To dishonor," "to make mock of," "to insult," etc.

(1) Translated in the Old Testament from `alal, "to do harm," "to defile" (Jud 19:25), "to make mock of" (1Sa 31:4).

(2) Translated in the New Testament from arsenokoites, literally, "one who lies with a male," "a sodomite" (1Co 6:9; 1Ti 1:10; the King James Version "for them that defile themselves with mankind").

(3) In the King James Version 1Co 7:31 "as not abusing it," from katachraomai, "to abuse," i.e. misuse; the Revised Version (British and American) "using it to the full," also 1Co 9:18.

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