ab-hor': "To cast away," "reject," "despise," "defy," "contemn," "loathe," etc.

(1) Translated in the Old Testament from the following Hebrew words amongst others: (ba'ash), "to be or to become stinking" (1Sa 27:12; 2Sa 16:21); (ga`al), "to cast away as unclean," "to loathe"; compare Eze 16:5 the King James Version; (quts), "to loathe," "to fear" (Ex 1:12 m; 1Ki 11:25; Isa 7:16); (shaqats), "to detest" (Ps 22:24); (ta'abh), (ta`abh), "to contemn" (De 23:7); (dera'on), "an object of contempt," "an abhorring" (Isa 66:24; Da 12:2 margin).

(2) Translated in the New Testament from the following Greek words: bdelussomai, which is derived from bdeo, "to stink" (Ro 2:22); apostugeo, derived from stugeo, "to hate," "to shrink from" (Ro 12:9).

A. L. Breslich

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