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United Yet Divided

Charles H. Welch

40 pages

Originally reviewed by the late Dr. W.H. Griffith Thomas who wrote: ‘This booklet deals with the important subject of Dispensational Teaching and shows the vital necessity and spiritual importance of "rightly dividing the Word of Truth". This fundamental principle is clearly and convincingly set forth and deserves the thorough and constant attention of all Bible Students. The author's application of the principle is that the dispensational boundary is not Pentecost but Acts 28:17-28. While he believes that "a" church began at Pentecost, "the" Church which is Christ's Body did not begin until the last Jewish rejection of the Gospel recorded in Acts 28 took place. On this account that chapter is the boundary line. Without necessarily accepting every position laid down, the booklet is of real value and deserves the thorough consideration of "all who love the Truth"‘.


  1. God Hath Spoken
  2. Some commands we have never obeyed!
  3. Paul’s Testimony very different from that of Moses
  4. Law and Grace
  5. A Fundamental Principle
  6. Jew, Gentile, and Church of God
  7. Right Division
  8. The Church: What is it?
  9. The Various Dispensations
  10. Are there Several Gospels?
  11. The Kingdom
  12. Two Dispensations Running Concurrently
  13. Christ as King
  14. The Acts of the Apostles
  15. Main Features of Epistles of Acts Period
  16. The Prison Ministry of Paul
  17. The Good Deposit
  18. The Three Spheres of Blessing
  19. Acts 28:17-28. The Dispensational Boundary
  20. Conclusion