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Stuart Allen

15 pages

Short studies in the aspects of prayer. These first appeared as a series of articles in Joints and Bands, and are now issued as a booklet.


About 37 years ago, it was decided to issue and circulate with The Berean Expositor a prayer and news letter, called Joints and Bands. We quote from the first issue :

" ... the Head, from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increaseth with the increase of God" (Col. 2:19).

The verse we have chosen deals with the Unity of the Spirit which derives all its nourishment from the Head, the Lord Jesus Christ.

But from a natural and geographical standpoint, we are anything but united, being scattered in groups all over Britain and the rest of the world, often with little knowledge of the needs and problems of each other. We are trusting that this small leaflet may be a practical way of binding us all together in the realm of intercession for the precious truth for which we stand and its outworking day by day.’

To encourage our readers to join with us in prayer, Mr. Stuart Allen wrote a series of articles on Prayer.

In March 1985, we decided to reprint the series gradually as opportunity permitted and the final article appeared in the January 1990 issue. Several people have expressed their appreciation of this series, so we have now issued it as a booklet.

We pray that readers will be blessed and encouraged in their prayer-life.