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Life Through His Name
An exposition of John's Gospel

Charles H. Welch

578 pages

The title underlies a dominant theme which runs through John's gospel. The wonderful exposition of a book which is particularly applicable to the world today, reveals, as never before, the purpose of John in writing this gospel some 50 years after our Lord's crucifixion. The first essential is ‘Life'. In this book Christ is set forth as the Bread of Life, the Light of Life, and the Resurrection and the Life.

Mr. Welch breaks the Gospel of John down into sections to help us to better comprehend the purpose of John's Gospel.

  1. The Logos - the invisible God manifested in the flesh (1:1-14).
  2. The eight signs or miracles that proved Christ was the Son of God:
    1. The marriage in Cana - Jesus turned water into wine (2:1-11).
    2. The ruler's son - Jesus healed the child who was about to die (4:46-54).
    3. The impotent man - healing a man who had been impotent for 38 years (5:1-16).
    4. Feeding the 5,000 - Jesus fed these men from 5 barley loaves and 2 fish (6:1-14).
    5. Walking on the sea - Jesus walks on the water (6:15-21).
    6. The man born blind - Jesus gives sight to a man who is born blind (9:1-14).
    7. The sister's brother- Mary and Martha's brother Lazarus is brought back from death after four days (11:1-44).
    8. The drought of fishes - Jesus tells the disciples to cast their net on the right side of their ship and they caught 153 great fishes and didn't break the net (21:1-14).
  3. The attitude of the Jews to the teaching of the feast of Tabernacles is brought out and explained (8:2-59).
  4. The Lord's witness to "His own" - The Lord has a few chosen believers who are willing to follow Him and His leading (13:1-18:3).
  5. The many mansions - the place prepared for some believing ones (14:2-4).
  6. The vine and the branches - a parable to explain the vital relationship that must exist between the Lord and His people if they are to be fruitful (15:1-18).
  7. The gift and purpose of eternal life is brought out in chapter 17.
  8. The Lord's death, burial, and resurrection is the final topic (18:4-20:31).