No. 12


"Writing maketh an exact man," said Bacon, and while it is easy to assume a position if one is not compelled to give a detailed account of oneself, it is another matter when the inquisitor demands specific answers to his questions. These we should welcome, as the answering will but confirm what is true and expose what is false.

It is easy to make the sweeping assertion that every believer at the present time is a member of the Body of Christ, but it is disconcerting to be obliged to give chapter and verse for the assertions. We suggest that the reader should fill up for himself some such form as is suggested in the Chart, not for the benefit of others, but for his own sake.

Identity is a matter of every-day confirmation. Three items (name, address, sex) are usually sufficient to separate the individual from the millions on the earth.

We can imagine some readers objecting to the name "Faithful," but examination of the Scriptures will reveal that no church is thus called except the church of the mystery. Others will look askance at the words "Baptized Believers" because it has been so long assumed that only baptism in water could be intended. This we cannot allow. Surely if a rite or ceremony can entitle to the name "Baptised Believer" then the glorious union of the believer with the Lord in His death, burial, and resurrection - which is also called a "Baptism" - entitles to the name, unless we are to assume that a ceremony or sign is greater than the thing signified.

If the words of Peter (1 Pet. 3:15) quoted on the Chart have a message to us, as well as the Dispersion, then it seems imperative that some such self-examination be undertaken, if we are to give a reason for the hope that is in us. This examination may reveal weaknesses of apprehension which can be rectified, and gaps that can be filled, and if it enables any to get to know "What is the hope of His calling" then it will have accomplished that which is pleasing to the Lord, for it will bring about in its measure the answer to the prayer of Eph. 1:18.


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