No. 6

Three Spheres of Blessing
and Adoption

In this Chart the subject of the three spheres of blessing is approached by way of the term "adoption." Sir William Ramsay, in his “Historical Commentary on Galatians," has made it clear that the word '"adoption" indicates the' appointing of the heir, and is tantamount to the privileges and prerogatives of the scriptural firstborn. If “adoption" is predicated of three distinct companies, then, the Scriptures being true and trustworthy, this threefold adoption demands three spheres just as surely as three firstborn sons are impossible to One father apart from three different wives.

Adoption is the exclusive possession of Israel according to Rom. 9:4, yet adoption belongs to the seed of Abraham, whether Jew or Greek, according to Gal. 4:5, and yet again, adoption is the predestinated blessing of the church of the mystery according to Eph. 1:3-5. This threefold adoption demands a threefold sphere. It will he found that there are parallels in the three spheres. First of all as to the spheres themselves.

  • The earth. - Psa. 2:8 is all that could be included on the chart, but the reader can find scores of references to prove that there shall be a kingdom on earth.

  • The heavenly calling is referred to by name in Heb. 3:1, and by referring to Heb. 11:9, 10, 14-16 and 12:22, together with Gal. 4:26, we discover that this second sphere is the heavenly Jerusalem.

  • The superheavenlies is the English equivalent for that position where Christ sitteth at the right hand of God, defined as "far above all principality and power, "and “far above all heavens" (Eph. 1:3,20,21; 2:6 and 4:10).

Three features are repeated in each sphere:

  1. A firstborn’s position
    Israel among nations '(Exod. 4:22). The Seed of Abraham in the heavenly city (Heb. 12:23), and the Church of the Mystery as one with Christ (Col. 1:18 and Eph. 4:13).

  2. A citizenship
    Psa. 87 is given as a specimen of the privilege of the earthly citizenship of Zion. Rev. 21:2 speaks of the citizenship of the second sphere, and Eph. 2:19 and Phil. 3:20 speak of the citizenship of the third sphere. In connexion with this third sphere, Eph. 2:12 reminds us that those who are blessed in this highest of spheres had no part in the commonwealth (citinship) of Israel.

  3. An exalted position
    In each sphere, the one to whom pertains the adoption has other companies subservient to it. In the case of the nation of Israel, it is the Gentile nations who are to serve them and go up to Jerusalem year by year. In the case of the heavenly calling it is angels that are subordinate, while in the third sphere angels are not mentioned, nothing less than principalities and powers are ranged beneath the church which is His body, the fullness of Him that filleth all in all.


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