By Charles H. Welch

Under the heading LORD’s SUPPER the dispensational place of this ordinance has been discussed. Here we do not bring up the question whoshould partake of this memorial feast, but observe that the word altar is never used in connection with it. It is called ‘The Lord’s Table’. Trapeza, the Greek word translated ‘table’, is derived from terra ‘four’ and peza ‘a foot’. The table in the Tabernacle was distinguished from both the altar and the mercy seat, and the choice of this word which is associated with the partaking of a meal or domestic uses (Matt. 15:27; Luke 16:21; Acts 6:2) prohibits the remotest approach, in the observance of the Lord’s supper, to anything more than a memorial feast. Once, the word ‘table’ is used of the Passover (Luke 22:21), and so established the connection that is apparent between the Old Covenant and New Covenant supper of remembrance. No priestofficiated at the Passover, and no priest officiated at the Lord’s table. (See MEMORIAL; LORD’s SUPPER).

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