By Charles H. Welch

Husband. The word translated "husband" in the N.T. is the Greek word aner, which occurs 213 times, translated "fellow" once, "husband" fifty times, "man" 156 times, and "sir" six times. Throughout the whole N.T. not one of the 213 references means anyone other than a man as distinct from a woman. Unlike anthropos, which can mean any individual of the human race, it always means an adult male, a potential husband. So, in Matthew 14:21 we read that there were about five thousand men beside women and children. In Mark 10:2 "is it lawful for a man to put away his wife?" In Ephesians the word aner occurs seven times, six of these references speak of the husband in Ephesians five, the one other reference speaks of the church whose goal is "the perfect man". If the church is the BRIDE how can it be spoken of as the PERFECT HUSBAND? We leave the question to our readers, believing that no one who honestly believes the Scriptures to be true could entertain such a monstrous idea. See the article THE BODY and the BRIDE.

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