An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 9 - Prophetic Truth - Page 172 of 223
that Babylon must be rebuilt.  The development of Iraq is going
on before our eyes, and with modern technique a new city could
spring up in the briefest of time (Zech. 5:11; Rev. 18:3 -7; Isa.
13 -14; Jer. 50 -51).
God never leaves Himself without witness, and so throughout the
three years and a half, two especially endowed Witnesses will
bear their testimony, and only cease when the antichristian Beast
shall eventually be permitted to put them to death (Rev. 11:3 -
The hope of the Church of the Mystery is to be manifested with
Christ in the glory that belongs to the place where He now sits
at the right hand of God, and must not be confused with either
the hope of Israel or of the Church called into being during the
Acts of the Apostles and before the setting aside of Israel, and
their hope at Acts 28.  This phase, the hope of the Church of the
Mystery, lies outside the scope of 'Prophecy'.  The Coming of
Christ to the air as revealed in 1 Thessalonians 4 is associated
with Israel by the reference to the 'Archangel' who is none other
than Michael and stands for Israel (1 Thess. 4:16; Jude 9; Dan.
12:1).  This company belong to the heavenly calling, who are
Abraham's seed, as Galatians 3:9,27 -29 reveals, and who are
associated with 'Jerusalem which is above' (Gal. 4:26), the
heavenly Jerusalem.  At this coming of Christ, living believers
will be changed, the sleeping saints raised, and SO, and in no
other way, will they be for ever with the Lord.  In connection
with the purpose that envisages a kingdom on the earth, Matthew
24 must be studied, its time factors (24:15,21, 29,30,33) given
full place and believed, which will link Matthew 24 with the hope
of Israel, and not with the hope of the Church of the present
At this time Israel will look upon Him Whom they have pierced and
be converted, and enter into their long -deferred destiny as a
kingdom of Priests (Zech. 12:10 -14; Rev. 1:6).  The Church as
ministered to by Paul is never so -called.  Peter who ministered
to the circumcision rightly uses this title (1 Pet. 2:4 -10).
Thus will be ushered in the 'Millennium' or that initial part of
Christ's reign which will last for 1,000 years (Rev. 20:1 -10).
The reign of Christ, however, is infinitely longer than
this initial Millennial reign.  (See article The Thousand
Generations page 67).
After the thousand years, a period must elapse to fulfil the
promises associated with the Day of God, which follows the Day of
the Lord, and which leads on to the 'new heaven and a new earth,
wherein dwelleth righteousness' (2 Pet. 3:10 -14).
The Great White Throne, contrary to general opinion, is not the
judgment of all the ungodly that have ever lived, it is the
second member of a pair of which the 'first resurrection' is the
other member (see articles Millennial Studies, pp. 12 to 125, for
this and other features of Rev. 20:11 -15).
The seed plot of all prophecy is Genesis 3:15, the utmost goal is
given in 1 Corinthians 15:24 -28, where we read: