An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 9 - Prophetic Truth - Page 170 of 223
When the angel resumes, in Daniel 9:26, he omits the 7 weeks of wall
building, and commences his reckoning from the 62 weeks.  Now 62 from 70
leaves 8.  The Acts of the Apostles covers about 35 years or 5 x 7, this
leaves 3 x 7 years for the future, and the last of these is the final 'week'
in the midst of which the antichristian Dictator will break the covenant made
with Israel, and the three and a half years of Tribulation will commence.
We have devoted a fair amount of space to this prophecy because it not
only reaches into, and helps to interpret, the Apocalypse, but it
demonstrates the extreme importance of recognizing the lo -ammi periods of
Israel's history, and where the prophetic clock stops, and where
it resumes its timekeeping.  (See for fuller details the series of articles
ranged under Millennial Studies, pages 12 to 125).
A Short Synopsis of Prophetic Events
With the utmost brevity that can be observed without sacrificing
clarity, we will attempt a synopsis of prophetic events, of things that must
surely come to pass, and of some relevant facts and features that are of
importance as indexes or fingerposts along the line of fulfilment.  Those who
value the writings of B. W. Newton will be aware that we are indebted to him
for the general layout of this synopsis, but in some places we have been
obliged to depart from his viewpoint, for, although he recognized the
parenthetical character of the present dispensation, he, like other writers
among the 'Brethren' did not take this revelation to its logical conclusion.
(Any reader to whom these words are somewhat provocative should read the
booklet, The Grapes of Eshcol, which incorporates the testimony of early
The people of Prophecy are the chosen people of Israel, and the
city of Jerusalem and the land of promise, called Emmanuel's land, the
earthly centre.
Other nations are mentioned, but only as they come into contact
with Israel.  Such nations as Egypt, Persia, Greece and Babylon, are named
while Gentiles, Nations, Heathen and Peoples are some of the titles by which
the outside nations are called.  Deuteronomy 32:8 suggests the inter -
relationship of Israel with surrounding nations.
No prophetic details as to dates, persons or places are given,
while the Jews are not located nationally in Palestine.
The focus of much prophetic revelation has to do with the last
three and a half years of the present age, spoken of variously as 'the time
of the end', 'a time, times and a half a time', '42 months' and '1,260 days',
all referring to the same period (Dan. 12:7; Rev. 12:14; 11:2; 13:5; 11:3 and
12:6).  This has a bearing on the Millennial Reign.  (See articles under the
heading Millennial Studies pp. 12 to 125).
It is useful to have before the mind one or two passages that
give a general description of Israel, Jerusalem and the Nations during the
interval between the Lord's First and Second Coming.