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Volume 9 - Prophetic Truth - Page 104 of 223
flying', cannot be explained away.  The Second Coming of Christ is often
associated with 'clouds', so much so that the Rabbins gave the Messiah the
title, 'The Cloud Comer'.  Taking all these things into consideration the
conclusion seems irresistible that we are living in days when the last weapon
is being perfected, the weapon which will be used by Satan and his agents in
their final bid for world power.
It may well be that the great dictator at the time of the end will have
such control over those lands rich in oil and the materials necessary for
nuclear fission that the rest of the world will be obliged to say, 'Who is
able to make war with him?'  Suez is already changing hands, Cyprus is in
dispute, Malta recognizes its vulnerability, the prophetic earth is reshaping
for the prophetic climax.  (Note for students.  The above was written in
Hosea (1:9) reveals that at sometime yet future to his day, Israel
would become 'Lo -ammi', not God's people, and that God would cease
temporarily to be their God.  In chapter 3, this sequestration is revealed as
lasting for 'many days', only to be terminated by Israel's return to the
In other pages we have set forth our belief that Israel entered into a
long period of 'Lo -ammi' condition at Acts 28:28.  This was soon followed by
the destruction of their city and temple, and their dispersion which has
lasted for at least nineteen hundred years.
We believe this condition was blessedly foreknown and provided for, and
this provision forms the basis and character of the dispensation of the
Mystery, revealed and entrusted to Paul as the prisoner of Jesus Christ for
us Gentiles.  The accompanying diagram may help the beginner to visualize the
place occupied by this most wonderful evidence of Divine sovereignty and