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Babylon must be taken to refer to the literal city, and must not be
spiritualized.  It is called 'The beauty of the Chaldees' excellency' (Isa.
13:19).  The prophecy of Jeremiah 50 opens with the words: 'The Word of the
Lord spake against Babylon and against the land of the Chaldeans' (Jer.
The following parallels from Jeremiah, Isaiah and Revelation will add
further details to the 'burden' of Isaiah, and also establish the fact that
Babylon of the Apocalypse is the literal city, which must therefore be
restored in the land of the Chaldees.
Isaiah and Jeremiah
'O thou that dwellest upon many
'Come hither; I will shew unto
waters ... thine end is come, and
thee the judgment of the great
the measure of thy covetousness'
whore that sitteth upon many
(Jer. 51:13).
waters' (Rev. 17:1).
'Babylon hath been a golden cup
'Having a golden cup in her hand
in the Lord's hand, that made all
full of abominations' (Rev.
the earth drunken: the nations
have drunken of her wine;
therefore the nations are mad'
(Jer 51:7).
'O daughter of the Chaldeans ...
'The woman which thou sawest
The lady of kingdoms' (Isa. 47:5).
is that great city, which reigneth
over the kings of the earth' (Rev.
'Thou saidst, I shall be a lady for
'How much she hath glorified
ever ... Therefore hear now this,
herself, and lived deliciously, so
thou that art given to pleasures,
much torment and sorrow give
that dwelleth carelessly, that
her: for she saith in her heart, I
sayest in thine heart, I am, and
sit a queen, and am no widow,
none else beside me; I shall not
and shall see no sorrow.
sit as a widow, neither shall I
Therefore shall her plagues come
know the loss of children: but
in one day, death, and mourning,
these two things shall come to
and famine' (Rev. 18:7,8).
thee in a moment in one day, the
loss of children, and widowhood'
(Isa, 47:7-9).
'I ... will make thee a burnt
'She shall be utterly burned with
mountain' (Jer. 51:25).
fire' (Rev. 18:8).
'My people, go ye out of the
'Come out of her, My people'
midst of her' (Jer. 51:45).
(Rev. 18:4).
'As she hath done, do unto her'
'Reward her even as she
(Jer. 50:15).
rewarded you' (Rev. 18:6).
'And it shall be, when thou hast
'And a mighty angel took up a
made an end of reading this
stone like a great millstone, and
book, that thou shalt bind a stone
cast it into the sea, saying, Thus
to it, and cast it into the midst of
with violence shall that great city
Euphrates: and thou shalt say,
Babylon ... be found no more at
Thus shall Babylon sink, and
all' (Rev. 18:21).