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Volume 9 - Prophetic Truth - Page 86 of 223
The following extract from The Berean Expositor, Vol. 21, pages 161 -
164, while it does not advance anything new or different from the Millennial
Studies, of which it forms a part, may present the problem arising out of the
relationship of the Lord's Day and the Day of God, the new heaven and new
earth, the New Jerusalem and the goal of the ages, with some measure of
elucidation and conciseness as to justify any repetition.
The problem of the New Jerusalem
Answers to Correspondents
'There is one thing I did not find anything upon, and that is "The
problem of the New Jerusalem".  Is Revelation 21 and 22 all in the new
creation?  If so, and Death is abolished at the Great White Throne, why
the tree of life?  I have come to think that the New Jerusalem in
Revelation 21:9 and onward is on the present earth after the
Millennium; and it reappears in the new earth, and that Revelation 21:5
-- "Behold, I make all things new" -- is the last point, future, of
prophecy, and that the unveiling then goes back to before the Great
White Throne ... If anything has been written in extenso on this, I
should be very glad to have the reference ... I paused here, and
referred again to the "Comprehensive Index"* you sent me, for which I
thank you very much indeed.  In Vol. 15, page 79, first complete
paragraph, the very point is brought up'.
Indices to The Berean Expositor, volumes 1 to 20, 1909 to 1930
The above is an extract from an interesting letter received from a much
-esteemed reader, and while a few words privately written would probably
suffice in this case, we believe a more extended reply will be of service to
the general reader.  We have in mind two things:
To deal with the actual problem.
To draw attention to the Comprehensive Index to Volumes 1 to 20
of The Berean Expositor, and to assist the reader in its use,
which some readers possess.
In the letter, partly quoted, it will be seen that the writer
remembered the Index, whereby he was able to locate the paragraph in question
in Vol. 15, page 79, which is as follows:
'There, in that renewed paradise, shall be the throne of God and of the
Lamb, there His servants shall serve Him and see His face, bearing His
name upon their foreheads.  Basking in the light that the Lord God
Himself shall give, they shall reign unto the ages of the ages.  This
is the Farthest Point to which the Book Takes us in the Outworking of
The Great Purpose of God.  One by one the barriers are broken down.
The last to go here is the temple with its priesthood.  Paul places the
topstone upon the edifice by revealing that when the reign of Christ
has brought everything into line and order, the goal of the ages will
then be reached and God shall be all in all'.