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of Christ' (Rev. 20:6) is the penalty.  The parallel between these two
passages, taken together with Colossians 1:12 and 3:22 -25 and 2 Timothy 2:11
-13, shows that in the kingdom of Christ and of God in Ephesians we are
dealing not with the Church as a whole, but with the overcomers in that
company, a group who find much instruction in the experiences of Paul, as
given in Philippians 3:10 -14 where 'the Prize' of the high calling equates
'the Reward' of the inheritance and 'the Crown' of 2 Timothy 4:6 -8.
The following extract from The Jew of Tarsus by Hugh J. Schonfield, may
be of interest.  'It is laid down in the Mishnah: "Captivity comes upon the
world on account of idolatry, fornication and bloodshed".  And again, "whoso
slandereth his neighbour commits sins as great as idolatry, fornication and
murder".  Indeed so fundamental was the nature of these commandments that the
rabbis in the stress of the times declared: "Any sins denounced by the Law
may be committed by a man if his life is threatened, except the sins of
idolatry, fornication and murder".  To the Jewish religious authorities,
therefore, the three Laws were, "these compulsory things", exactly what they
were called in the Jerusalem letter (Acts 15:28).  The Lord Jesus, in the
Sermon on the Mount, also deals first with the same three Murder (Matt.
5:21), Adultery (Matt. 5:27), and Idolatry (Matt. 5:33) -- the prohibition of
oaths for a Jew being a ruling against idolatry in speech.  In the Revelation
(21:8; 22:15), "whoremongers, murderers and idolaters" are grouped together
among those who are excluded from the Tree of Life and the City of God'.
No. 17
The  Times  of  The  Gentiles,
The  Treading  Down  of  Jerusalem
Let us first of all examine the term, 'the treading down of Jerusalem'.
The prophecy of the Second Coming is given in Matthew 24 and in Luke 21.
Luke's account adds a reference to the times of the Gentiles, a feature that
the study of Luke's gospel leads us to expect.  One peculiar and outstanding
character is given, the relationship that exists between the length of time
allotted to Gentile dominion, and the treading down of Jerusalem by the
selfsame Gentiles.
'And Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times
of the Gentiles be fulfilled' (Luke 21:24).
Immediately following these words, we are projected into the day of the Lord:
'And there shall be signs in the sun, and the moon, and in the stars;
and upon earth distress of nations, with perplexity ... the powers of
heaven shall be shaken.  And Then shall they see the Son of Man coming
in a cloud with power and great glory' (Luke 21:25 -27).
If the words 'treading down' accurately translate Luke's intention,
then there is proof that the times of the Gentiles coincide with the
subjugation of Jerusalem, that both run together into the Coming of the Lord
and the setting up of the Millennial kingdom, with no possible room for a
period of blessing upon or through Israel until Israel is delivered.
Jerusalem cannot be at the same time 'trodden down' and a centre of light and
peace.  We claim no ability to convince any who can believe two contradictory
statements.  We must and do leave them in the hands of God.