An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 9 - Prophetic Truth - Page 54 of 223
refining fire, and will become once more 'My people' (Zech.
12:9,10; 13:1,8,9).
This is the sunteleia, the harvest gathering at the end of the
age, as foreshadowed in the feast of the ingathering in Exodus
23:16, where the LXX reads sunteleia, the word used in Matthew
All these prophecies synchronize at the time of the
End, the time when the Stone strikes the feet of Nebuchadnezzar's image, when
Gentile dominion is destroyed, and the kingdom that shall never pass away is
set up.
This we now set out as a diagram so that the reader may be able to
visualize these converging lines.
We have to consider many other aspects of prophetic truth but as honest
Bereans before God, and as desiring to know and believe all that God has
spoken we must bear witness, that so far we cannot and dare not introduce
any other kingdom than that of 'the Beast' before the Millennial Reign of
Christ, and if because we see this, we are obliged as before God, to speak of
this subject many times in this analysis, we do so because we desire to be
'pure from the blood of all men'.
Among the many subjects that act as pointers in our search are the
following:  Remnant (p. 204); The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9 (p. 213);
Parable3; Israel's re -gathering8; Babylon8 and other related subjects, which
should be consulted.
Converging Lines of Prophecy