An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 8 - Prophetic Truth - Page 288 of 304
Two Sons
The Son of God
(Matt. 3:17;
'The son of perdition'
2 Thess. 2:3).
Two Mystic Numbers
(Rev. 13:18).
'The Beast'
Two Names (in foreheads)
The Father's name
(Rev. 14:1;
The Beast's name
Rev. 13:16,17).
Two Building Materials
'Precious stones'
(Gen. 11:3;
Brick for stone.
Isa. 54: 11,12;
Rev. 21:10 -21).
Two Covenants
New Covenant
(Heb. 12:24;
Covenant made and
Dan. 9:27).
Two Thrones
God and the Lamb
(Rev. 22:1;
Satan and the Beast
Rev. 2:13; 16:10).
Other significant pairs, the one a Satanic counterfeit of the other,
will occur to the reader.  The above list is sufficient to establish this
counterfeiting move of the Devil as a fact to be observed and taken into
account throughout all our studies.
In the Old Testament
We preface our study of the 'Last days' with quotations from the
writings of the Rev. Nathaniel West, D.D.  Speaking of the vision of Daniel
8, he says:
'These great world movements like those afterwards between the north
and the south are mirrors, of like collisions, yet to occur in the last
days, marking the 'Time of the End' -- The East seeking to control the
West, the West to control the East.*
Dr. West wrote these words about the year 1900.  We are quoting them in
1959, and are very conscious how the East -West conflict is deepening with
evergrowing intensity.