An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 8 - Prophetic Truth - Page 276 of 304
In contrast with the doom pronounced against Jehoiakim, must be placed
the promise of Jeremiah 33:17, 'David shall never want a man to sit upon the
throne of the house of Israel'.
The heart of Jeremiah's prophecy, however, is the New Covenant, in
which all the blessings of restoration are assured.  This new covenant will
be made with 'the house of Israel and with the house of Judah', and is in
direct association with the original covenant made with the same people at
Sinai, 'Which My covenant they brake' saith the Lord.  This passage (Jer.
31:31 -34) is quoted in Hebrews 8:8 -12 and 10:16,17, and so reveals the
intention of the apostle when he addressed this one epistle 'To the Hebrews'.
How a Gentile, who is by nature an alien from the commonwealth of Israel, and
a stranger from the covenants of promise, can claim the teaching of 'Hebrews'
as truth for himself is beyond the ability of the writer to understand.
The new covenant began to operate during the early ministry of the
apostle Paul, but came to an end with the dismissal of the covenant people at
Acts 28, when the lo -ammi condition began.
Chapters 50 and 51 are of peculiar interest to the student of prophecy
because of the statements made by the prophet concerning Babylon, and the
light these statements throw upon the setting of the book of Revelation,
which makes reference to these chapters.
We will conclude this very imperfect presentation of the prophecy of
Jeremiah with a selection from the many parallels that are found between the
references to Babylon in Jeremiah 51 and Revelation 17,18.
Jeremiah 51
Revelation 17,18
'O thou that dwellest upon
'I will shew unto thee the
many waters, abundant in treasures,
judgment of the great whore that
thine end is come, andthe measure
sitteth upon many waters' (17:1).
of thy covetousness'(13).
'Babylon hath been a golden
'The inhabitants of the earth
cup in the Lord's hand, that
have been made drunk with the
made all the earth drunken: the
wine of her fornication' (17:2).
nations have drunken of her
'And the woman was arrayed
wine; therefore the nations are
... having a golden cup
in her hand full of abominations'
'My people, go ye out of the
'Come out of her, My people,
midst of her, and deliver ye
that ye be not partakers of her
every man his soul from the
sins, and that ye receive not of
fierce anger of the Lord'(45).
her plagues' (18:4).
'Her judgment reacheth unto
'For her sins have reached
heaven, and is lifted up even to
unto heaven, and God hath
the skies' (9).
remembered her iniquities' (18:5).
'Babylon is suddenly fallen
'Babylon the great is
and destroyed' (8).
fallen, is fallen' (18:2).