An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 8 - Prophetic Truth - Page 216 of 304
(3) -- A Real City
'That a real city, as well as a perfected moral system, is here to be
understood, I see not how we can otherwise conclude.  All the elements of a
city are indicated.  It has specific dimensions.  It has foundations, walls,
gates, and streets.  It has guards outside and inhabitants within, both
distinct from what characterizes it as a real construction.  It is called a
city -- "the Holy City".  It is named as a city "the Holy Jerusalem".  It is
called "the New Jerusalem", as over against an old Jerusalem, which was a
material city.  Among the highest promises to the saints of all ages was the
promise of a special place and economy answering to a heavenly city, and
which is continually referred to as an enduring and God -built city.  And
whatever difficulty we may have in taking it in, or in reconciling it to our
prepossessions, I do not see how we can be just and fair to God's Word, and
the faith of the saints of former ages, and not see and admit that we here
have to do, not with a mere ideal and fantastic city, but with a true, real,
God -built city, substantial and eternal; albeit there has never been another
like it'. -- J.A. Seiss, D.D.
(4) -- Its Composition
'This is "the Jerusalem which is above".  All glorious is the city, for
such must be whatever comes from God out of Heaven.  Splendid in its attire,
i.e., its construction and materials, for it is like the splendid dress of a
bride adorned for her husband.  When the body is raised, and united once more
to the soul, the natural consequence is that a new world is necessary for its
abode.  The paradise in which pious souls had hitherto been, was a place of
happiness fitted for them when separated from their respective bodies.  But
now a new state of being commences.  It is not altogether and merely
spiritual, for the body is again united with the soul; it is not a material
state, for the body by its resurrection has become a spiritual body.  This
new state of being demands, of course, a new world for its appropriate
development.  It is not the mere fiction of a poetic imagination, but there
is a corresponding reality. -- Prof. Moses Stuart.
(5) -- Its Gravity
'The sudden coming into sight, from heavenly space, of a glittering
object, unknown to astronomers, self -luminous, above the brightness of the
sun, steadily approaching, till it enters our atmosphere, and comes into
close proximity to this globe, transcends all human experience, and defies
all natural philosophy.  But the epoch is an epoch of miracles; the Almighty
God is visibly interposing and is not bound by natural laws which He made,
and which He can interrupt or counteract at His pleasure.  The suspension of
a non -rotating cubic mass, fifteen hundred miles every way, in our
atmosphere, composed of gold and gems, inhabited by glorified human beings,
would surely throw out of bearing the specific gravity of the earth, so alter
its relations to the sun, moon, and other planets, as to be inconceivable.
Nay, I dare not say so.  What compensations the Upholder of all things may
make for the anticipated disturbances I cannot conjecture.  My business is
with His Word.  Hath he spoken, and shall He not make it good?  I am sure He
will, though I do not know how'. -- P. H. Gosse, F.R.S.
(6) -- Its Dimensions