An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 8 - Prophetic Truth - Page 149 of 304
A prince originating in Egypt possesses a great dominion.  When this
development in the Near East takes shape -- 'Know that summer is nigh'.
Daniel 11:6
A marriage alliance between Egypt and Syria for the purpose of making
'an agreement' proves a failure.
Daniel 11:7 -19
Conflicts between these two kingdoms will result in dire trouble in the
'glorious land, which by his hand shall be consumed' (16) and end in a
'staggering' defeat (19).
Daniel 11:20
Satan's attempt proving abortive, 'in his estate' a raiser of taxes
arises, who shall exact heavy tribute from Israel and the land of Palestine.
His end shall be sudden and mysterious: 'within a few days he shall be
destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle'.
Daniel 11:21 -35
Still undismayed, Satan causes to stand up 'in his estate' one who is
described as a 'vile person'.  This one, instead of devastating the land,
'comes in peaceably', and 'obtains the kingdom by flatteries'.  'After the
league made with him he shall work deceitfully with a small people;
he shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places'.  After stirring up
strife against the king of the south, and apparently involving more than one
king (11:27), he returns to his land with great riches, and at length
manifests his true intent: 'His heart shall be against the holy covenant'
(11:28).  This covenant is referred to in Daniel 9:27: 'He shall confirm the
covenant with many for one week'.*  In the midst of the seven years he breaks
the covenant, causing sacrifice and offering to cease, and in its stead (see
note of The Companion Bible on Daniel 9:27) brings in the abomination that
maketh desolate.
The time that elapses from the making of the covenant to verse 31 is
years of the last seven of Daniel 9.
Such is the analysis of the place that Egypt occupies in the
Prophetic Scriptures.  At the moment of writing, the dispensation of the
Mystery still runs its course, and Israel are still Lo -ammi, 'not My
people'.  The re -shuffle of the nations in the Middle East is a preparation
for the day fast approaching when the prophetic clock will begin once more to
tick and the Day of the Lord will dawn.  While, therefore, our own blessed
hope must be realized before these things come to pass, their proximity but
reminds us that 'now is our salvation nearer than when we believed'.
Wheels within wheels.
The unfolding purpose
If it seems temerity to attempt a survey of such prophecies as those of
Isaiah and Jeremiah within the scope of our present purpose, what word can be