An Alphabetical Analysis
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If we consult the table set out at the close of this article, we shall
see that 42 years back takes us to Ahaziah's father.  This year 3189 was the
first year of Omri, who founded a new dynasty.  2 Chronicles 22:2 -9 tells us
how Ahaziah walked in the wicked ways of Ahab.  His mother is called 'the
daughter of Omri'.  God will not have this man as a Son of David at all.  He
is the son of Athaliah, the daughter of Omri and Jezebel.  He is no seed of
David.  If we turn to the genealogy of Matthew 1 we shall find this endorsed
by the Holy Spirit.  Matthew 1:7,8 reads:
'Rehoboam begat Abijah, and Abijah begat Asa, and Asa begat
Jehoshaphat, and Jehoshaphat begat Jehoram'.
Matthew, however does not tell us that Jehoram begat Ahaziah, Joash,
Amaziah; these are omitted, and Matthew 1:8 says 'Jehoram begat Uzziah',
namely his great-great -grandson!
'Let his posterity (the posterity of the wicked) be cut off; and in the
generation following let their name be blotted out' (Psa. 109:13).
This method of writing history and compiling genealogies may not find
favour with the scientific mind of today, but it is the method of God and is
eloquent in its message.
Consequently, although there are actually 17 generations from David to
the captivity, Matthew will allow but 14.
'Baasha fighting 9 years after his death'
(2 Chron. 16:1).
We read in 2 Chronicles 16:1 that this campaign by Baasha took place in
the 'six and thirtieth year of the reign of Asa'.  But Baasha reigned 24
years (1 Kings 15:28 -33) starting from the 3rd year of Asa, consequently
Baasha had been dead 9 years by the 36th year of Asa.
The literal translation of 2 Chronicles 16:1 is 'The thirty -sixth year
of the Kingdom' not of Asa's reign, and this date takes us back to the
commencement of the disruption when Rehoboam began to reign.  So all is clear
These examples that fall within the first section of this genealogy are
sufficient to demonstrate the principles that must be applied before a true
calendar can be constructed.  Let us complete the table from Rehoboam to
Ahaziah, following the line through the kings of Judah.
Rehoboam ascends the throne.
Add 17 years for his reign (1 Kings 11:43; 14:21).
Add 3 years for length of reign (1 Kings 15:1,2).
Add 41 years for length of reign (1 Kings 15:9,10).
Add 25 years for length of reign (1 Kings 22:41,42).