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between the bear's teeth represent Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, three
little countries on the Baltic coast, like ribs to Russia.  Britain was
largely responsible for giving these countries their liberty after the first
world war, but Russia seized them in 1940, and all those who wanted to retain
their liberty had to flee into Western Europe or die.  There are about a
quarter million of them in Britain.  Russia enlarged herself by seizing
Poland, East Prussia, Czecho -Slovakia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary,
and enslaved their people.  Fourteen million people have been put into slave
labour camps, and Soviet trained agents have indoctrinated China and the
whole of South -East Asia.  They are fomenting trouble in India, and all the
Arab countries, and in Cyprus.
'The third beast was like a leopard with four heads and four wings of a
fowl.  This represents the four kingdomed Arab Confederacy, Egypt, Iraq,
Transjordan, Saudi -Arabia, to whom Britain gave dominion.  These kings have
all been photographed with leopards, which they use for hunting.  Egypt is
temporarily without a king, but has a Dictator instead.  When King Abdullah
suddenly annexed the whole of Arab Palestine, he said, `I have spread my
wings over Jordan'.  His Kingdom is now called the Hashimite kingdom of
Jordan, and includes Ammon, Moab and Edom.  Egypt is the troublemaker, and is
destined to be defeated by the Iraq Dictator in the final contest in the
Middle East.
'The fourth beast is like a ten horned monster, which represents
a ten -kingdomed confederacy, which will come out of the United Nations
organisation, after the formation of which another king will arise who will
subdue three kingdoms.  He will be different from all the others.  There are
various interpretations of prophecy about him, which space forbids me to go
into.  Suffice it to say that the devil will give him power to do miracles.
Two of the kingdoms which he will probably subdue will be Lebanon and Syria,
who have already threatened to cut the oil pipe line unless their royalties
are increased.  Iraq has stated that their countries will be seized if they
do.  This final king will be the world dictator; he will change the times and
the laws and will persecute the saints until the Ancient of Days shall come,
and the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion and destroy
it, after which the whole world will be ruled by the people of the Saints of
the Most High.  Christian rule will then be established'. (Reprinted from The
Midnight Cry, Sec. Mr. J.G. Sauer, 216, Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex).
Its Importance illustrated by considering the chronology of the Kings of
Judah and Israel
Some knots unravelled
To those of us who are not what we call 'good at figures' the problems
of chronology that we meet in the books of Moses, Joshua and Judges seem
difficult enough, but those which deal with the period of the Kings of Israel
and Judah and the subsequent captivity have tested the minds of the greatest.
The ground has been traversed again and again until at length the secrets
have yielded, and today we can, if we will, enter into a harvest that has
been sown, sometimes with tears.  The writer wishes to make it very plain
that, without the labours of others in this field, he would never have
ventured into the realm of chronology.  Dr. John Lightfoot, who lived in the
seventeenth century, saw very clearly the underlying groundwork upon which