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Quickened Together.  Many believers when giving a r,sum, of the record given
in the epistles of the identification of the redeemed with the work of the
Saviour, set forth in glorious earnestness and joyful praise, that we are
reckoned to have been 'crucified with Christ', to have 'died with Christ', to
have been 'buried with Christ', to have been 'raised with Christ', to be even
now potentially 'seated together in Christ Jesus', and finally in the day
that is fast approaching, to be 'manifested with Him in glory'.  Here are six
most wondrous associations, yet one has been and is often omitted.  We are to
reckon that we have been 'quickened together with Christ' (Eph. 2:5), thus
completing the sevenfold identification, and giving a present encouragement
as well as the hope of the future glory.  Let us 'possess our possession'.
(See the chart in the article Reckoning and Reality, p. 171).
Ransom.  While the basic meaning of the word translated 'atonement' in the
Old Testament is 'to cover', we find that it does not mean 'to cover up', for
it is written, 'He that covereth his sins shall not prosper'.  The word means
not only 'to cover', but by usage, to protect and to compensate, to cover by
compensation.  The Oxford Dictionary gives as one of the meanings of cover:
'To be sufficient to defray a charge, or to meet a liability; to
compensate a loss or risk; to protect by insurance or the like, to
provide cover, to insure oneself'.
Among the words used to translate the Hebrew kopher is the word
'ransom'.  The very presence of such a provision in the Scripture testifies
to the fact that God is a moral Ruler, for sheer omnipotence uninfluenced by
moral issues could brush aside all objections, or dispense with both
Redemption and Atonement.  It also shows that man too is a responsible moral
The references to a ransom, that covers by compensation, include:
'Sum of money' Exodus 21:30.  This sum of money is accepted instead of
the death of the man whose ox had killed a man or woman. 'He shall give
for the ransom of his life whatsoever is laid upon him'.
'Atonement money' Exodus 30:16.  This is said to be
a 'ransom' for the soul.  In Numbers 3:49 a similar money equivalent is
called 'the redemption money'.
'Satisfaction' Numbers 35:31.
No 'ransom' or 'atonement money' availed
for a murderer.
The New Testament contains a number of references to the price paid in the
redemption of the sinner.
'Ye ... were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold
... but with the precious blood of Christ' (1 Pet. 1:18,19).
'What? know ye not that ... ye are bought with a price?' (1 Cor.
'The church of God, which He hath purchased with His own blood' (Acts