An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 5 - Dispensational Truth - Page 234 of 328
may enable the reader to appreciate the relationship that exists between
things seen and unseen; between the perceptions of sensation and the concepts
of the mind.
Some doctrines are emphasized by repetition; some stand out in
magnificent isolation.  The Greek word henotes, translated `unity', occurs
nowhere else either in the New Testament or in the LXX than in Ephesians 4:3
and 13.  In the first place there is a unity to keep, in the second a unity
to attain.  The former is entirely beyond the power of the believer to make,
the latter is set before the believer as a goal.  It is safe to say that no
one who does not keep the unity of the spirit, will ever attain unto the
unity of the faith.  One must be a member of `the One Body', before it is
possible to reach the standard of `the perfect man'.