An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 10 - Practical Truth - Page 96 of 277
- Not of works ... His workmanship ...
unto good works.
Hebrews 11:1 -31.
'Substance'.  This word has
Faith the title deeds.
recently been discovered among ancient
documents and means 'title deeds'.
Abraham's tent = title deeds; Abraham's
city = thing hoped for.  Note seven
examples in 4 -11 and seven examples in
17 -31.
Habakkuk  1:1 -4; 2:1 -4;
Habakkuk's test.  'How long shall
3:17 -19.
I cry' (1.2).  Habakkuk's trust.
The just shall live by faith.
'Though it tarry, wait' (2:3).
Habakkuk's triumph.  'Yet I will rejoice'
Questions based on Readings
Romans 10.
(1) How does faith come?  (2) How is
confessing the Lord related to believing?
(3) What is the result of faith?
Ephesians 2:1 -10.
(1) Can salvation by grace through faith
be earned?  (2) What is that we cannot do
in order to be saved and yet we should do
after we are saved?
Hebrews 11:1 -31.
(1) In what way is faith the 'substance'
of things hoped for?  (2) Can you give
another meaning for the words 'By faith'
which come in connection with the people
in this chapter?  (3) What did this faith
do for them and what will it do for us?
chapters 1 to 3.
(1) Is prayer always answered at once?
(2) What are we told to do in chapter two
and what will help us to do this?  (3) lf
we have faith in the Lord, what can we do
although things go wrong around us?
(chapter 3).
Verses to memorize (one each week): Romans 10:17; Ephesians 2:8;
Hebrews 11:1; Habakkuk 2:3,4.
Subject: 'Children of God'
John 1:1 -18.
'Received' ... 'believed' (11,12).
Children of God.
Power = the right of authority.  Sons
here = children, not full grown sons (1
John 3:1,2, also children).
Romans 8:1 -17.
Sons instead of slaves (15).  No
If children then heirs.
slave was permitted to use the word Abba.
Every child of God is an heir (17).
Suffering for Christ is rewarded by
'joint -heirship'.