An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 10 - Practical Truth - Page 8 of 277
Cross References
Cross references to articles in Parts 1 to 9 of
An Alphabetical Analysis, are indicated by superscript numbers.
For example:
Sons of God4
refers to the article with that heading in Part 4 of An
Alphabetical Analysis.
refers to the articles with that heading in Parts 4 and 7,
respectively, of An Alphabetical Analysis.
If the reference is to another page in this book, the page number is
printed in brackets after the title of the article.  For example:
With All Thy Getting Get Understanding, (p. 350) refers to the article with
that heading on page 350 of this book.
Where the meaning of a term can be illuminated by the structure of the
section in which the term occurs, that structure is given, and as the scope
of a passage is of first importance in the interpretation of any of its
parts, these structures, which are not 'inventions' but 'discoveries' of what
is actually present, should be used in every attempt to arrive at a true
understanding of a term, phrase or word that is under review.  Under the
heading Interpretation2, the uninitiated believer will receive an explanation
and an illustration of this unique feature of Holy Scripture.  In like
manner, other exegetical apparatus such as Figures of Speech, and all such
helps, are indicated under the same main heading.
Received Text
(Textus Receptus)
This is the Greek New Testament from which the Authorized Version of
the Bible was prepared.  Comments in this Analysis are made with this version
in mind.
Where there are textual variances between the Received Text and the
Nestle Greek Text (or other critical texts) such variances are noted.  The
phrase 'in the Received Text' is printed in brackets next to the word or
words in question.
Christianity is likened to a 'way' in Scripture.
In ordinary language, the word 'way' has the following shades of
meaning, among many:
A track or path.  'In the way' (Matt. 21:8).
A going, progression, journey.  'Prosper thy way' (Gen. 24:40).